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Novaflex® Industrial Hose

Air and Compressed Gas
Custom Connectors/Expansion Joints
Food and Beverage
High Temperature
Locomotive & Air Brake Assemblies
Marine Fuel
Marine General Purpose
Marine Sanitation
Marine Water & Exhaust
Material Handling
Petroleum Hose - Tank Truck
PVC, Urethane and Thermoplastic
Sweeper & Vacuum Truck
Water & Steam


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Novaflex® Industrial Hose
Novaflex Industrial Hose Products
Offering a complete line of material handling, air, chemical, petroleum, food grade, material handling and mining hoses, steam and water hoses, expansion joints and connectors; available with custom end configurations from built-in lined flanges to beaded ends.

Products are available in a complete range of tube compounds and gauges for added resistance to abrasion, heat and corrosive conditions.

Brands: Novaflex Hose, Uni-chem, Slurry-King

Novaflex® Industrial Hose

Novaflex® Industrial Hose 

For questions regarding installation of Novaflex® Industrial Hose systems, kindly contact your local branch, or contact us by email at Please note complete installation instructions can be found in our Information Center section.
Description Product Series / Page Part number
Air  and Compressed Gas Air and Compressed Gas
Novaflex 1000
Novaflex 1015
Novaflex 1025
Novaflex 1208
Novaflex 1971
Novaflex 9131
Chemical Chemical
Novaflex 4200
Novaflex 4201
Novaflex 4203BE
Novaflex 4600
Novaflex 4700
Novaflex 4704
Novaflex 4705
Novaflex 4710
Novaflex 4800/4878
Novaflex 4801/4879
Custom Connectors/Expansion Joints Custom Connectors/Expansion Joints
Suction Box
Single Arch
Double Arch
Vibration Joint
Mulitflex Connector
Spool Piece
Single Arch Bellow
Double Arch Bellow
Street Sweeper
Built-in Nipple Flanged End
Food and Beverage Food and Beverage
Novaflex 6200
Novaflex 6201
Novaflex 6284
Novaflex 6285
Novaflex 6300
Novaflex 6301
Novaflex 6303
Novaflex 6310
Novaflex 6400
Novaflex 6401
Novaflex 6403
Novaflex 6500
Novaflex 6501
Novaflex 6502
Novaflex 6503
Novaflex 6505
Novaflex 6506
Novaflex 6507NB
High Temperature High Temperature
Novaflex 9155
Novaflex 9156
Locomotive & Air Brake Assemblies Locomotive & Air Brake Assemblies
Polar Railflex Hose®
Marine Fuel Marine Fuel
Series 360-09
Series 360-03
Series 375BT
Novaflex 842BT
Marine General Purpose Marine General Purpose
SERIES 400/402
Novaflex 460
Novaflex 460R
Marine Sanitation Marine Sanitation
Series 104OB
Series 140
Series 148
Marine Water  & Exhaust Marine Water & Exhaust
Series 120
Series 132BS
Series 141GL
Series 149
Series 150
Series 162RL
Series 164LL
Novaflex 200
Series 250
Novaflex 260BG
Novaflex 841BN
Material Handling Material Handling
Novaflex 5000
Novaflex 5010
Novaflex 5015
Novaflex 5016
Novaflex 5017
Novaflex 5018
Novaflex 5020
Novaflex 5164
Novaflex 5284
Novaflex 5300
Novaflex 5331
Novaflex 5332
Novaflex 5760/5761/5762
Novaflex 5770/5771/5772
Novaflex 5785
Concrete Placement Hose
Novaflex 2636
Novaflex 5900
Novaflex-AF Liner
Mining Mining
Novaflex 143
Novaflex 5000
Novaflex 7005
Novaflex 7008
Novaflex 7013
Novaflex 7080
Novaflex 7086
Petroleum Petroleum
Novaflex 3233
Novaflex 3254
Novaflex 3261/3277
Novaflex 3265
Novaflex 3859BT
Novaflex 3860
Novaflex 4805
Petroleum Hose - Tank Truck Petroleum Hose - Tank Truck
Novaflex 3250BT
Novaflex 3253
Novaflex 3255R
Novaflex 3257
Novaflex 3258
Novaflex 3260
Novaflex 3261/3277
Novaflex 3269
Novaflex 3270
Novaflex 3275
Novaflex 3273BT
Novaflex 3278
Novaflex 3477
Novaflex 3549
Novaflex 3550
Novaflex 3555
PVC, Urethane and Thermoplastic PVC, Urethane and Thermoplastic
Novaflex 141BL
Novaflex 148
Novaflex 149
Static Conductor
Specialty Specialty
Novaflex 9540
Novaflex 9500
Sweeper & Vacuum Truck Sweeper & Vacuum Truck
Nova Vac 5050RG
Nova Vac 5049BG
Nova Vac 5063BG
Novaflex 5010
Nova Vac 5052BG
Nova Vac 5060
Novaflex 5061RG
Nova Vac 5053BG
Novaflex 5011
Water & Steam Water & Steam
Novaflex 2019
Novaflex 2140
Novaflex 2145
Novaflex 2150
Novaflex 2151
Novaflex 2152
Novaflex 2160
Novaflex 2161
Novaflex 2200
Novaflex 2226
Novaflex 2636
Novaflex 5510
Novaflex 5520
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