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Industrial Hose Information Center

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Novaflex Product Brochures
Novaflex Engineered Hose Systems
Novaflex Food & Beverage Hose Brochure 2017
NovaFlex Marine Brochure
Novaflex Mining Hose Brochure (Spanish)
Novaflex Mining Hose Brochure
Novaflex Rubber & Plastics Product Guide 2018
Novaflex Rubber Brochure 2016
Novaflex Sweeper Brochure 2017
Novaflex Winery & Brewery Brochure (FRENCH)
Uni-CHEM Brochure 2017
Technical Information
Composite Hose Chemical Resistance Chart
Dock Hose Care, Use & Maintenance 06.05.2017
Dry Disconnect Care and Maintenance Guide
Engineering Data Sheet
Marine Care and Maintenance Guide
Novaflex Hose Care & Maintenance Guide 06.2016
Rubber Hose Chemical Resistance Chart 2017
Slurry Installation Instructions
European Food Hoses
Novaflex 6200 Flour Suction
Novaflex 6201 Flour Discharge
Novaflex 6206 Guernsey Milk
Novaflex 6300 Nitrile S & D
Novaflex 6303 Nitrile Food S & D
Novaflex 6309 Nitrile Crush Resistant
Novaflex 6310 Nitrile 250 Crush Resistant
Novaflex 6404CU UHMW EPDM Food
Novaflex 6502 Brewery Discharge
Novaflex 6503 Connoisseurs Food & Bev
Novaflex Food Hose Brochure EURO VERSION
Air Hoses
Novaflex 1208 Hot Air Blower
Food Hoses
Connoiseurs Smooth Food Hoses
Novaflex 6284 Potable Water Hose
Novaflex 6300 6301 Nitrile Food
Novaflex 6503 Connoisseurs Food Hose S & D
Novaflex 6506 Connoisseurs Food & Beverage Hose
Novaflex Extra Flexible 6230WG
Novaflex Extra Flexible 6314
Novaflex Extra Flexible 6430WE
Novaflex Extra Flexible 6433CU
Novaflex Extra Flexible 6514WB
Novaflex Extra Flexible 6515WB
Novaflex Novabrew 6507
Petroleum & Tank Truck Hoses
Bend Restrictor Hose
Novaflex 3251BT E-Flexible Tank Truck Hose
Novaflex 3257 Corrugated Tank Truck
Novaflex 3258 Crush & Kink Resistant Tank Truck Hose
Novaflex 3260 & 3283 Tank Truck Hose
Novaflex 3265 Dock Hose
Novaflex 3275 Oilfield Vac Hose
Novaflex 3278BT Oilfield Vac Hose
Novaflex 3477 Novalite Hose
Novaflex 3549 Lightweight Petroleum Discharge Hose
Novaflex 3550 Heavier Duty Petroleum Tank Truck
Novaflex 3555 Hydrocarbon Hose
Novaflex Biodiesel Hoses
Novaflex Heat Traced Hose
Offshore Petroleum Hoses
Material Handling Hoses
AF Liner
Concrete Hose Brochure
Dredge Sleeve & Sand Discharge Hose
Material Handling Hose Novaflex 5020
Novaflex 5016 Material Handling Hose
Novaflex 5284 Elephant Trunk Hose
Novaflex 5500BE Molten Sulphur Hose
Novaflex 5785 Concrete Pumping Hose
Novaflex Sludge Slayer
Slurry King Flanges Gaskets
Slurry King
Marine Hoses
Novaflex 841 842 Marine Fuel Hose
Novaflex 843 Marine Fuel Hose
NovaFlex Marine Brochure
Chemical Hoses
Novaflex 4700 UHMW Chemical
Novaflex 4704 Corrug. Chemical S&D Hose
Novaflex Chemical 4700 and 4705
Novaflex Chemical FEP 4600
Novaflex DEF hoses
Novaflex Diesel Exhaust 4203BE
Sweeper & Vacuum Truck Hoses
Custom Vacuum Hoses & Connectors
Hydro Vacuum Sweeper Hoses
Novaflex Urethane Lined Hose
Vacuum Truck Rubber Hose
Yellow Jack Sanitation Hose
Mining Hoses
Novaflex Conduit Hose
Novaflex Mining Hose Brochure Spanish
Novaflex Mining Hose Brochure
Water & Steam Hoses
Coolant Hose
Papermill Washdown hose
Slipring 2636
Washdown Hose with Built-on Nozzle
Water Discharge Hose Novaflex 2150
Water Hose Fire Hydrant Suction
Water Suction Hose Novaflex 2152
Connectors & Expansion Joints
Expansion Joints
Locomotive & Air Brake Assemblies
Rail Products Information
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