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Flexible Vent Connector - Gas


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Flexible Vent Connector - Gas
Flexible Vent Connector - Gas

Flexible Vent Connector - Gas 

For questions regarding installation of Flexible Vent Connector - Gas systems, kindly contact your local branch, or contact us by email at Please note complete installation instructions can be found in our Information Center section.
Description Part number
Single-Vent Single Wall Connector Kit Single-Vent Single Wall Connector Kit

single wall flexible vent connector. Sinlge-Vent is designed to make difficult installations easy and economical, and replaces rigid single wall pipe as a vent connector.

Insul-Vent Double Wall Insulated Vent Connector Kit Insul-Vent Double Wall Insulated Vent Connector Kit

A double wall flexible insulated vent connector and is designed to make insulated connections between appliance and common vent.

Insul-Wye Insul-Wye

The Insul Wye adapts to B-Vent with branch connections and is insul-vent flex ready.

Additional Length Of Insul-Vent Additional Length Of Insul-Vent

Available in lengths to 18ft. Available in 3", 4", 5", 6", 7", 8" diameters.

Additional Length of Single-Vent Additional Length of Single-Vent

available in 5ft increments up to 50ft.

Insul-Vent Universal Connector Insul-Vent Universal Connector

Used to join lengths of vent, connect Insul-Vent to any type of single wall pipe, Type B-Vent or Z-Flex chimney liner.

Insul-Vent Appliance Connector Insul-Vent Appliance Connector

Used to connect Insul-Vent to appliance collar.

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