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Flexmaster HVAC Systems
Flexmaster HVAC Systems
Superior HVAC products for the Industrial, Commercial and Institutional Construction Industry. Flexible ducting products are ULC approved as Class 1.

Brands:  Triple Lock, Fabriflex, Platinum Flow, Ductbond

Stainless Steel Ducting - Flexible

Metal non-combustible flexible duct ideally suited for a wide range of HVAC applications.

Fabric Ducting - Flexible

Patented outside mechanical lock provides a positive seal and eliminates the need for problematic adhesives. Choose a duct to handle internal operating pressures, provide thermal reliability or meet critical noise criteria levels.

Platinum Flow Gasketed Duct

The Platinum Flow® System is a LEED (Leadership in Energy Efficient Design) inspired Duct System designed to save time and money for building owners, engineers, installers and end users alike. The cornerstone design feature of the system is the double fail safe EPDM sealing gasket which is mechanically locked with a continuous 360° hem. This unique design allows for quick site assembly and a tight seal without the use of field applied sealants. During installation as contact is made, the double seals fold over the mating duct producing an incredibly tight seal.
Today’s modern building architecture demand increased efficiencies throughout all the construction elements. Platinum Flow® delivers with both an energy efficient design and factory controlled construction. Platinum Flow® exceeds SMACNA leakage class 3.

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PVS Products

Patented Polyvinyl Coated Under-Slab Duct System is ULC listed and specified by architects, engineers, and contractors more than any other underground air delivery system, because it offers both the strength of steel and the inertness of plastic. These attributes make PVS ideal for underground ducts systems, corrosive fume exhaust and indoor swimming pool applications.

Fume Vent

Fume Vent Lab Smart Laboratory Exhaust System. Featuring factory expanded pipe and fitting ends. Fusion welded pipe seams. Fully welded fittings. In diameters from 4 inches to 24 inches. Constructed from: 20 GA Stainless Steel and 304L/316L Stainless Steel. Benefits include: Air and watertight seams. Meets SMACNA RT-6 Standard. Field labour savings. Lab Smart Design. Cut to length on site. Directional exhaust flow. Self supporting connections. For use in: anaesthetic gas scavenging systems, hot lab exhaust, bio-safety cabinets, car wash exhaust.

Spiral Duct & Fittings

Unique lock-formed seam and consistent calibrated tolerances combine to produce a superior quality product available in a wide range of gauges to SMACNA standards.

Spin-Ons & Seal-Ons

Flexmaster Spin-On Collars average 36% less static pressure (SP) drop and 45% less total pressure (TP) drop than conventional fish-lock collars.

Flat Oval Spiral Duct & Fittings

Flat Oval is manufactured from a mechanically locked spiral seam that is evenly space for hose tight places.

Insulation Sleeves

Factory assembled fibreglass inner lining with polyethylene or mylar vapour barrier.

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