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Z-Flex® Venting Systems

Z-Flex® Chimney Liner Kits - Gas, Aluminum

Aluminum chimney liner kits come complete with everything needed to quickly and easily install a professional venting system. Z-Flex liner is manufactured using dead soft aluminum strip which is spirally wound and mechanically joined together, forming an air-tight and leak-proof Triple Lock seam. The specially designed corrugations provide excellent flexibility while maintaining superior crush strength. 

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Z-Flex® Chimney Liner System - All Fuels, Oval

Z-Flex Stainless Steel Oval Liner systems are designed to provide the maximum cross sectional area and draft in confined chimneys spaces.

Z-Flex® Stainless Steel Liner

Oval Dimensions (Approximate)

Round Size  Oval Size O.D.
5”     |     4 1/4” x 7 3/4”
6”     |     4 1/2” x 8 3/8”
7”     |     4 3/4” x 9 1/2”
8”     |     5” x 11”

Aerocowl Flue Stabilizer

Aerocowl Flue Stabilizer is an aerodynamically designed unit which, when fitted to structurally sound chimneys and flues, completely eliminates down-draft; preventing troublesome smoke and toxic fumes from circulating within the home.
Aerocowl's built-in bleeding system reduces excessive fuel burning for all types of heating appliances, whether solid fuel, oil, gas or wood-burning, resulting in significant savings in energy consumption.

Z-DENS Polypropylene Venting System

Z-DENS Polypropylene Vent Systems for high efficiency condensing appliances. Single wall rigid, flexible liner, cascade and concentric.

See Z-DENS Product Catalogue & Dimension Data for a complete list of parts

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Z-Vent Special Gas Vent Single Wall

Z-Vent® double fail safe self-sealing Special Gas Vent System dramatically reduces installed vent system cost. Designed for use with boilers, high efficiency furnaces. Venting for both spa heaters and pool heaters, unit heaters, and water heaters. Category II, III, IV Heating Equipment.

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Direct Vent Gas

Co-Linear Vent System
Z-Flex DVI kits - designed for use when converting existing wood-burning fireplaces into gas. Allows for a completely sealed system that does not compromise indoor air quality.

Flexible Vent Connectors

Flexible Gas-Vent Connector Systems
Insul-Vent® Double-Wall Insulated Vent Connectors
Insul-Vent® is a double-wall insulated vent connector, designed to make insulated connections between appliance and common vent (i.e. B-Vent, masonry chimney, or Z-Flex® chimney liner products), easy and economical. Simply cut to desired length and attach quick-connect nds. No drilling or screwing is required. Plus it eliminates costly elbows and accessories.

Single-Vent. Single-Wall Vent Connectors
Single-Vent is a single wall flexible vent connector. Single-Vent, like Insul-Vent®, is designed to make difficult installations easy and economical.

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